ATS automatic transfer switch

ATS switches for 19" racks
ATS Switches for 19" rack
ATS3010RM, ATS3020RM, ATS3030RM Automatic Transfer Switch, with SNMP networkconnection and dry-contacts. The ATS provides a redundant power supply to the connected equipment, and so the ATS enhances the availability of the connected equipment.
> ATS 3010RM IEC10A
> ATS 3020RM IEC16A
> ATS 3030RM CEE16A
> ATS 2000RM IEC10A
> ATS 3000RM IEC16A
Accessories for 19" ATS switches
ATS 19" accessories
IT accessories for 19" Automatic Transfer Switches. EPS provides a lot of different ATS accessories like power distribution units, PDUs with german outlets, C13 and C19 sockets, etc.
> IT Stromverteilungen PDU
> EPS Power Managment over IP
ATS automatic transfer switch, STS static transfer
ATS Automatic Transfer Switch
EPS Mains - emergency power Automatic Transfer Switches with mains surveillance for charges over 150-1600A or emergency power aggregates up to 1000kVA output power. 3pole or 4pole completely ready integrated into a distribution modules.
> EPS Notstrom ATS 125A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 160A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 250A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 400A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 630A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 800A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 1000A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 1250A
> EPS Notstrom ATS 1600A