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NCS IT cabling of CAT7A, CAT7, CAT6 and CAT5e

IT Cat.7 Tera Patchkabel solutions
IT CAT7 Tera Patchkabel soluti
Mit SIEMON TERA KAT.7 PATCHKABEL Optimize your the performance and flexibility of your Kat. 7 data cabling with a range of different TERA CAT.7 Patchkabeln, which have been developed to meet your bandwidth requirments of today and tomorrow.
> KAT.7 TERA 4p-TERA 4p
> KAT.7 TERA 1p-TERA 1p
> KAT.6 TERA 4p-RJ45/T568B
> KAT.6 TERA 4p-RJ45/T568B-B
> KAT.6 TERA 4p-RJ45/T568A
> KAT.6 TERA 4p-RJ45/T568A-B
> KAT.5e TERA 2p-RJ45/ETH
> KAT.5e TERA 2p-RJ45/ETH-B
> KAT.5e TERA 2p-RJ45/TR
> KAT.5e TERA 2p-RJ45/TR-B
> KAT.3 TERA 1p-RJ11
IT Cat.6 10G MAX cabling solutions
IT CAT6 cabling solution
IT Cat6 and Cat6A 10G MAX IT data cabling, IT data cabling and IT Siemon MAX moduls or Siemon Cat Tera Datenanschluss modules, well-structured data cabling which offers 20 years of warranty through Siemon
> MAX KAT.6-10G Anschlussmodul
> MAX KAT.6-10G Patchkabel
> MAX KAT.6-10G BladePatchkabel
> TERA - MAX Patchpanel
> TERA - MAX Zubehör
> Kat.6A 10G Trunking Cable
> TERA 1,0GHz Datenkabel
> TERA 600MHz Datenkabel
> NCS IT 19" Schranksysteme
IT EPS vollgeschirmte data outlets RJ45
IT EPS data outlets RJ45
IT EPS vollgeschirmte data outlets RJ45 Cat5e and Cat6
> EPS Kat.5e Datendosen
> EPS Kat.6 Datendosen