PRODUKTE | UPS PDU power distribution

PDM, PDU, PCS, power distribution for racks

PCS 19" rackmountable power distribution unit
19" PCS for fixed connect
IT 19 inch power distribution unit with fixed connection incl. brackets. The products of EPS Electric Power Systems always fulfill the newest requirements regarding environment, security and energy conservation.
> PCS359KS-0 Power Cable Set
> PCS369KS-0 Power Cable Set
> PCS371KI-0 Power Cable Set
> PCS374KM-0 Power Cable Set
IEC 10A C13/C14 connector
IEC C13/C14 connectors
Power plugs IEC C14 connector and C13 connector sockets.
> PCS 309 Power Cable Sets
> PCS 310 Power Cable Sets
PDM power distribution modules for racks
UPS 19 inch rack power distribution modules Bypass PDM PDU power distribution modules, UPS electric circuit with UPS Bypass for 19 inch rack assembly